EASTER CLOSING DATES MARCH 26th closed till-3rd APRIL 2018.



So as a great kick start to a detox and shed those extra pounds come and join us in a warm relaxing space and take control of your health and well being.

Here is a brief description of classes on offer. Scroll down for time table of classes. Also, go to [ABOUT YOGA] page for more info and and benefits of Yoga.


We have installed infrared long wave heaters as used by physiotherapists, regarded as the most therapeutic heat available, warming the body the same as natural sunlight. we are the only studio in the area providing this service. The benefits are huge and here are some:

  • Heals and Repairs Muscle Tissue
  • Provides Anti-inflammatory, Analgesic Capabilities
  • Balances the Nervous System and Aids Body Tissue Regeneration
  • Promotes Detoxification and Cleanses the Skin
  • Helps to Remove Cellulite
  • Boosts Immune and Cardiovascular Systems
  • Burns Calories and Helps with Weight Loss


Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic flowing Yoga that places emphasis on the breath. Combining movement and breath the body is led through a set sequence of postures building up to an internal heat allowing the body to improve endurance, stamina, flexibility, physical and mental strength.


Hatha Yoga is the classic form of Yoga and all style stem from Hatha Yoga. In general Hatha ,[HA (Sun), THA (Moon)], is a more slow paced, gentle yoga and suitable for all levels of fitness and ages. The class is a combination of postures, breathing and relaxation.


Pilates is a unique exercise system working on increasing abdominal and lower back strength and improved posture.


This class is a combination of Yoga and Pilates Exercises.



085 1916347


**Drop in only 10 euro.
**8 week course 70 euro, if you cannot attend your class you can make it up with any other class within that week but cannot carry classes over the 8 week term.


Yoga Boann Time

Day Time Class
Monday 10am -11.15am

6.10pm - 7.10pm

 Vinyasa flow level 2-3 

Pilates mixed level

  7.30pm - 8.45pm Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga level 2-3
Tuesday 11.00am - 12.15pm Hatha Yoga level 1-2
  6.45pm - 8.00pm Yogalates mixed level
Wednesday 10am -11.15

6.45pm - 8.00pm

Strong Yoga flow 

Hot vinyasa flow level 2-3

Thursday 10,00am - 11.15am Hatha yoga level 1-2
  7.00pm - 8.10pm



Hatha yoga level 1-2




Friday 11.00am - 12.15am Hatha flow Yoga mixed level
Saturday 11.00am - 12.15am Hot Vinyasa Flow Yoga level 2-3


LEVEL 1-2: Suitable for beginner to improver
LEVEL 2-3: Suitable for improver to advanced
Mixed level: Suitable for all